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Thursday, November 17, 2011

i look ugly when i cried..

hmm..i need someone right now who can make me happy and can make me laugh right now..please! i'm tired with all this..with all the problems that come..hmm,rs jealous bila tgk drng happy je dgn family drng..their dad yg friendly and sporting and yang x kuat mbebel kan..hmm,rs pun nk jgak ade dad yg mcm tu..tp ape pun x blh..erm,rs rse mcm nk blk kg melaka je nk g tngkan fkran di sne and lgpun dh lme x blk kg kan..kt sne best skt..i will ask my parents about this..hope they will allow me to go there..rs pnt la asyik ngs je..rs sllu pura2 mcm xde ppe mslh but smetime x thn ngs jgak kan..yeah,rs nie kuat touching but kdg2 je la kn..hmm

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