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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

when rain fall on tuesday..:)

accompanied by heavy rain in the morning.i woke up when my alarm sounds and that time im so lazy to wake up..the best time to sleep is when raining.then my friend text me but i dont have credit to reply her text.sorry my dear.blalala okay then time to go to school.i walked while holding my umbrella because it still raining.eh act i want to tell another story.heheh okay next story,you know what when i entered laboratory i saw capital S wore cardigans..if she wear sweater that will be fine but she wear cardigans..oh my!she just want to show off..she wear cardigans until around 2 pm.i think that time already hot no more cold time ya bebeh! please la wey we dont like kay..hmmm :/ all of us will laugh when we see capital S..hahaha because she too funny ''maybe''..haha kay that all my story..:)

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