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Sunday, November 6, 2011


i know im not perfect like the others..please respect me if you want me to respect you and i xkn cri psl dgn org if org tu x cri psl dgn i..org lain pun ade juga maruah and perasaan so tlg la fikir sikit.hmm.okay i thought today will be okay for me but nope act the bad day for me..i'm tired cried and now mata pun dh sakit..and lagi bertambah sakit hati bila kena mrh dgn my dad yg ikut suka suki hati dy nk mrh en..bfre nk mrh org fkr dlu..jgn mengcakap je..now i try to be chill..and xde mood nk ckp sgt dgn my dad..hmm ppe je la..mls dh nk fkr..wt skt hati je..:(

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