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Monday, November 7, 2011

Someone like you..aww

hai hai hai! you see my title about what?i know you already saw it..hahah btw i wish to have a bf like you which are sweet,caring,gentleman..omg! i will be melting.haha everyday will be sweet like sugar..aww am i right?gagag wtever la kan..haha and untungla spe yg dpt mcm tu..xde la gdh sgt kan..hehe so romantica de amo gitu kau ade,of course la xde kan because x jumpa lagi yg mcm tu kau..hahaha..and i know jarang ade laki yg mcm gitu rupanya kan..hahah redha je la kan..btw tu semua Tuhan dah tentukan.. :) so terimalah dgn besar hati :D

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