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Monday, January 16, 2012

a bit happy~

heylo strangers~ today im a bit happy after someone that i really miss text me..and i could believe that..really he text me and me awww if you could know how much i miss you..:D he rarely text me but i dunno ape mimpi dia text i ttbe..haha and dy ajak keluar this rye cina..but im not sure if i x busy en..hehe and yg buat aku bengang apabila si S nie gedikss and bajet lak en dlm kelasss..nynyi bagai and dy puji suare dy sedap,oh my! how come kau blh puji dri sndri nie weyh..errr stop la..and fyi nie bukan kelas menyanyi or what ye..nie kelas utk belaja..kau better kelas laen la..aman sikit..hahah opss! k la bye nk tido..:)

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