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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

spend time with my bestie :)

hey guys..long time i didn't update my blog so today im gonna updated my blog. :) btw i'm just came back from klcc cuz i went there just now and watching movie jack and jill.that movie really best and i'm so enjoyed.and that so funny and i laughed watching that movie.btw thank guys for today cuz we spend our time together one day before school start :) i hope we can hang out again after this.and before i forget i wanna wish you guys welcome back to school with new life.and tomorrow my life begin as a form 4 students :)

here my siblings that i love ;)
i just asked her to do like that..hehe
nurin and jaja..
jaja and syabell..
try to guess who?
im become crazy when i with her
it supposed to be ''always something new''
try find somethin..hoho

so here all the pictures that i think a bit okay..haha :)

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