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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

not like before okay~

okay guys i wanna tell you guys i got class 4e for next year but act i want class 4m2..so pity my friends who really want class 4e but they dont get it but me got it..they got class 4m2,i want that class! pleaseeeeeee~ hmm yeah and i know next year everything gonna be change and not like before anymore..we're not in the same class..so sad..but i same class with zafirah tu pun if dy x pindah la.hmm xde kwn tau :( nty x dpt nk gelak2,gila2 and mcm2 lagi la..huhuh :/ i will miss that moment..


  1. Alololo...ciannyew... sbr ek..kat mne2 pun masih boleh berjaya... fikirkan mase depan okay??? Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kehidupan sis...