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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


huaaaa that so weirdoosss~what wrong with him?why he text me and he said ''sampainya hati..sedih'' what he means actually and really i don't understand what i have done towards him..and when i asked him..he dont want to reply..kay fineee..if you feel want to reply my text ya sure i dont mind but i just need your reason..please dont make me feel so weirdoos!and another story when someone that i dunno him and he call me  and he want to know about me and he got my num from my friend ED..and that time i went to tuition and he called me again again because i didnt reply his text..im busy that time..and he look like ''seorang yg lembut'' and his voice also like that..and that make me feel so afraid when he told me that he will always text me until he got me?please dont do a crazy things ya..because i will hate you..i dont want to coupleee kay..so please understand and never asked me to repeat it again..ty :)

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