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Sunday, February 19, 2012

when we call it partner..

dear loveee,today i wanna talk about partner or bf/gf..i dont like when someone asked me why xde bf la ape la and blabla..errr can you guys stop asking me that questions? its up to me rite nak ade bf ke xnk..i just want to focus on my study first..and another reason why i xde bf because i dont want to be dissapointed for another time..and im afraid when someone said iloveyou to me..please never hurt my heart again and again..i dont have any feeling now..and now im just thinking about my future and about spm too..that the dangerous one..i want to get the best result for my exam cuz i dont want to dissappointed my parents..and im really sorry if i x balas korang punya perasaan.i just nk korang faham je..really really sorry kay :/

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